About the Real Estate Brokers

I’d like to share with you an experience I had that has impacted what I do.

About 5 years ago, my wife’s parents were having some health issues and it became too much for them to continue to live in their home.

We were living in Atlanta and they were living in Maryland. We decided that it would be best for them to move to Atlanta to be near us. So the next practical matter was to sell their house. Having been a Realtor since 2001, I know how to sell homes, however, being so far away and trying to manage everything long distance was challenging. I took flights there to meet the packers and movers and handy man and on top of that, the stress of getting them settled here was a lot to handle.

I began to think that there should be a service that could help families, just like ours, going through this same situation.

To answer this need, I formed The Real Estate Butlers in 2013. The Real Estate Butlers cater to families that are faced with selling a long held home. We take the stress off the family by doing everything necessary to best prepare the property for market for them. This includes things like simple repairs, painting, packing, landscaping, home staging, professional photography, and whatever it will take, so that we can deliver the best result for the family. We can even arrange a quick cash sale, if that is what is most important to them.

By following our system, we have been able to achieve an average sales price of 98% of list price and we typically close in less than 45 days on the market.

Call us today to see how we can help your family.

Thank you,
Greg Bankston