Aging in Place

There are many ways to modify your home so that it can continue to provide a perfect haven for you, even when your health and mobility change. We can help you determine which modifications make the most sense for you so that you can get many more years in the place you love. Recommendations include:

  • Flooring: carpeting is soft and preferred over area rugs that could become trip hazards.
  • Handrails: make sure to have handrails on stairways and a second rail along the opposite wall for even better stability.
  • Footwear: non-slip shoes are recommended over slippers or socks.
  • Non-skid safety strips: these should be adhered to the floor of a tub/shower.
  • Bathroom grab bars: ideally these should be anchored into the wall, but if that is not possible, have a safety rail clamped onto the side of the tub.
  • Lighting: brighter lighting and more of it will help prevent falls. Install motion-activated night lights in the hallways. Change the bulbs to higher wattages or to bulbs that mimic daylight instead of yellow soft lighting or adding battery-operated units.
  • Hand shower: instead of a standard fixed shower head, install a hand-held system with a flexible hose.
  • Raised toilet seats: add a removable seat to the standard toilet.
  • Mail catcher: instead of retrieving mail from a mail box, have a door with a slat and mount a narrow basket under the opening so the mail is caught and there is no need to bend over to the floor.
  • Knobs: levers are easier to use, so replace any round door knobs and faucet knobs. Similarly, loop pulls will make drawers easier to open.
  • Eating: some cups and eating utensils offer better grip than others to minimize spills, including weighted options that can counterbalance shake-prone hands.
  • Cooking utensils: ergonomic designs are easily available at many home good stores with non-slip bright handles in attractive colors.
  • Keep things handy: the items that are used every day should be readily available in easy to access locations.
  • Eliminate excess clutter: having fewer items to store, sort and keep organized will make living in the home easier and less hectic.

Contact us today to discuss what changes can be made to keep your home safe for years to come.