Children of Seniors

Living far from aging parents or even across town in a separate household can cause relentless worry, especially if your parent lives alone. And when the time comes to relocate a parent, the logistics can feel overwhelming. Along with all of the details of getting the house ready for sale and packing up what are often decades of memories, there is also emotional sorting to do. Since leaving a long-time home is inevitably difficult for everyone involved, you’ll want help dealing with the mechanics of making it happen.

That’s where Real Estate Butlers come in. We will handle all the preparation, listing and marketing of your family home, facilitate a fast sale (often within 30 days), and even help find your parent a perfect new residence. That leaves you free to take care of the most important part of this picture—your mom or dad.

Contact the Real Estate Butlers today to see how we can ease the burden and worry of what can be a stressful process for your family.