Moving Later in Life

The prospect of leaving a family home, one in which you’ve built decades of memories, can be overwhelming.  In addition to all the logistics of getting a house to market is the very real emotional challenge of saying goodbye to a place you might not feel entirely ready to leave.

Real Estate Butlers can make this difficult process easy. We’ve been through it with our own parents and hundreds of clients and know exactly what you’re facing.  We’ve thoroughly tested what works and know exactly how to execute each step of the process for complete success.

We are certified Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES®) who understand the complications of transitioning to a new living situation later in life. We’ll talk about your reasons for selling and explore all the options available to you. Using our decades of industry knowledge, we’ll provide an honest assessment of your property and make suggestions for ways to improve its marketability so that we can sell it quickly at the highest possible price. We work with you through all the preparation too, from sorting your belongings to making improvements.

We can also help you find another home in the area or refer you to a REALTOR® in your new town. If you need the help of attorneys, mortgage brokers or 1032 exchange specialists, we can arrange that too.

Whatever it takes, we’ll help you get on to your new adventure. Contact us today to get started.